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Provide Unlimited Access with a Site License Subscription

For more than 50 years, The Chronicle of Higher Education has served academic communities with agenda-setting journalism, deep insights, and forward-looking analysis that higher education professionals have come to rely on. Faculty and administrators turn to The Chronicle as their trusted source for the insights and data they need to make informed decisions.

A site license is the best way to provide unlimited access to The Chronicle of Higher Education for your staff, students, faculty, and administration whether on campus, at the office, or from home. It provides unlimited access to The Chronicle’s content, daily news, and data anytime and anywhere

A Site License Subscription Provides Access to:

  • Unlimited digital access to Chronicle content, news, and data.
  • Articles and essays dating back to 1989.
  • Opinion pieces from leaders in higher education.
  • Special issues like The Almanac of Higher Education and The Trends Report.
  • Daily and weekly newsletters with the creation of a free account.
  • Virtual events with topics for everyone on campus.
  • Higher Education job board and salary comparison data.
  • New Feature! - Customized institutional page that collects the Chronicle stories most relevant to your institution.
  • New Feature! - The Librarian Resource Hub with marketing materials available to promote your site license on campus.
  • New Feature! - Virtual orientation for new site license institutions.

To learn more about site license access or to get answers about your site license, visit our FAQ page.

Give your institution unlimited digital access to the news, data, commentary, and analysis that is already shaping the future of higher learning at leading colleges and universities nationwide.