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Administration Grows, Faculty Shrinks. Again.

Since the 1970s, the composition of the university has been completely transformed.

More Ideas on Getting Feedback From Students

Readers explain how reviewing the syllabus at the end of the semester can help professors and students connect.
Race on Campus

Catch Up on the Roiling Debate Over Diversity Statements

We’ve compiled a list of things to read about the effectiveness, legality, and controversies concerning diversity statements.
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The Review
Special Report

The Trends Report 2023

If anyone still thought we could gaze, soothsayer-like, into the future in order to meet it fully prepared, Covid-19 humbled us.

But we can try to understand the forces shaping higher ed, what’s behind them, and how we can meet this moment effectively.

We hope this annual issue will help you do just that.
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